Why Me

I speak your language

You won’t need to hold my hand or teach me about tax or accounting. I understand what you do and how to explain that to your clients and prospects. I can explain tax provisions and accounting to your clients with a focus on the benefits they will reap.

In my 12+ years of work in public accounting, I’ve done tax, audit, consulting and business valuations. I was the one who got the unusual and difficult assignments. I was the one who could pull together a client’s fact pattern, the IRS code and careful analysis of case law into a coherent argument for their situation. And I got it all done under crushing deadlines with a million other projects pulling at me.

I understand marketing for accountants

The stereotypical accountant is introverted and hates networking. Most of us would rather hide in a corner at a networking event than mingle and make connections. And our coursework in school never mentioned marketing.

Marketing for accountants has changed. It’s mandatory to have a web presence. Your message needs to stand out among all the rest. I know how to find what makes your firm unique and how to express that as a benefit to a client.

I am eager to write case studies, special reports, website copy, newsletters and any other pieces that will help you get your unique message out to the world.

A broader background than most

But I haven’t always been an accountant. I’ve also worked as a biochemist in a neuroscience lab, helped with the design and implementation of a relational database of biomolecular data, studied linguistics at the graduate level and worked as a back-of-the-book indexer. I speak German, and know some Spanish, French and Russian. With this broad background, I can see into the minds of a variety of prospects and figure out what they want in an accountant.