Today’s clients expect lots of free information before they choose an accountant. A steady flow of useful information on your website can help bring clients to you, and keep clients loyal to you.

Here are some of the services I offer:

Websites: A great website will attract new prospects, engage existing clients and build the brand of your firm. Virtually all prospects will check out your website before contacting you, so it’s essential that your website provide benefit-driven information that connects with your prospects. Frequent updates with fresh content not only enhance your profile as a trusted advisor, but also increase your rankings in search engines. I can help you with content, architecture and search engine optimization. Today’s technology can make your website a place for clients to do business with you by including portals to exchange information.

Newsletters: A regular newsletter helps keep you in front of prospects and clients. A custom newsletter builds a relationship with your clients and prospects and shows the human side of you. It can educate clients about changes in tax law, new technologies and the best ways to keep their books. It can show a prospect why your firm is the best solution to their problems and it can provide a current client with a reason to call and ask for your advice. This is also a great way to inform your current clients about the breadth of services you provide. Your client may need additional services, but if they’re not aware that you also provide those, they may go elsewhere.

Blog Posts: These are short pieces on a variety of timely topics posted directly to your website. Search engines love these for improving your website’s ranking in search results. They also keep your clients and prospects engaged and thinking of ways to improve their bottom lines. Blog posts will also give your clients a reason to call your office for additional services. A lively and engaging blog will raise your profile as a trusted advisor. The key to a successful blog is posting on a consistent basis, but most professionals are just too busy to keep it up. That’s where I can help you by ghostwriting blog posts for you.

Case Studies: These are like testimonials on steroids and are among the most powerful marketing tools a company can have. A case study tells the story of a real customer with a business challenge who solved that problem using a real product or service. They provide credibility, validation and education.

White Papers: White papers, also known as special reports, are ideal for describing product or service that’s new, complex or expensive. They often describe new and unique ways to solve a common problem, and can be used as an educational tool to help prospects learn about an entirely new way of doing business or new technologies that enhance productivity and profitability. For accountants, special reports on bookkeeping tips or strategies to lower taxes can make great tools for lead generation. Read here to find out how a White Paper Plan can spell the difference between a so-so white paper and one that really shines.